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“Centurion Direct saved me tens of thousands of dollars on the setup of my new surgical center. As a physician owner my time was limited for this project. The extensive knowledge of both equipment and current pricing was an unbelievable help to me. What I was being charged $25,000 from a consultant for, I received for free from Centurion Direct. A+ all the way. I would recommend them to anyone outfitting a new center.”
Dr. Samuel A. Gallo MD Perimeter Surgical Center
“We have participated in the SAM program at Centurion Direct for over 5 years now and are constantly amazed at the value we get for our surplus equipment. We have built up a substantial credit with Centurion and use it to buy equipment that has not been approved for budget. I love this program. It has been a life saver.”
Steve G. Michigan
“Centurion Direct outfitted our center with high quality new and pre-owned medical equipment. The quality of their pre-owned equipment is second to none. Our center has been open for 2 years now and we have had no problems with any of the items we purchased from Centurion Direct. I recommend them to all of my friends.”
Melanie K. St Louis Eye and Laser Center
“When I have equipment needs and or failures, Centurion Direct is the first and usually only company I need to call. They have always committed their time to finding a solution to the problem. During the past 12 years, I have called Centurion Direct many times with equipment issues in the late afternoon and they would have the same item if not a better one at my facility by 7am the next morning.”
Aimee Snavely SurgiCenter of Mansfield
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